Day 1

7 April 2016


Keynote – The Politics of Space

Dr Jill Stuart

Space Politics Specialist & Fellow in Global Politics in the Department of Government at the London School of Economics


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The Politics of Space keynote address will open the Space Innovation Congress with a global contextualisation of the evolution of the space industry since the Moon landing.

We are seeing growing investment in space ready technology, the launch of the European Copernicus and Galileu programmes and commercially viable private companies competing in this ecosystem.

Dr Jill Stuart’s interview for the London School of Economics:

. Dr Jill Stuart, Space Politics Specialist & Fellow in Global Politics in the Department of Government at the London School of Economics, LSE


Innovation Incubator

Simon Bond

Innovation Director

Set Squared

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09:30AM - Day 1

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Innovation Incubator at the Space Innovation Congress, sponsored by SETsquared, will showcase  the top 20 applicants in downstream satellites applications, EGNSS, Earth Observation, Big data

Here we will introduce the Entrepreneurship Programme and SETsquared’s Space Accelerator Hub as well as the companies that have made it to the final 20.

Innovation Incubator aims to support start-ups and companies up to a year to go from idea stage to market ready with mentoring, grants and R&D.

. Simon Bond, Innovation Director, Set Squared

International space partnerships – day 1

Chris WelchInternational Space Partnerships session, chaired by Professor Chris Welch, VP International Astronautical Federation will address international collaboration between nations, companies andIAF logo space programmes for peaceful uses of outer space.


International space cooperation

Dr Alex MacDonald

Program Executive for Emerging Space


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International space cooperation will be called upon more than ever post closure of the International Space Station in 2024.

Within the next 10 years, we will see the transition from government-run International Space Station to privately built and operated facilities.

With NASA saying it will not build another space station in low-earth orbit instead, it will look to buy services from the private sector.

In this session we will look what this means for the space ecosystem, who are the big players entering the market and their plans.

. Dr Alex MacDonald, Program Executive for Emerging Space, NASA


Global internet access from space

Tony Azzarelli

VP Regulatory Affairs


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Global internet access from space is set to become a reality as early as 2019

With several companies in the running to reach hundreds of millions of potential users residing in places without reliable broadband access via satellite constellations. These will operate in circular low Earth orbit providing full and consistent coverage across the globe.

This session aims to analyse these plans and its implications, the benefits for a connected planet and the onus on an already congested orbit.

. Tony Azzarelli, VP Regulatory Affairs, OneWeb


Networking break


Panel – Satellite technologies in emerging economies

Adrien Muller

Business Innovation Associate


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Magda Cocco


Vieira de Almeida

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In this Panel we will discuss how can a Space Policy/Strategy and the use of satellites technologies contribute to accelerate the growth of emerging economies and how Governments and private stakeholders in emerging countries may extract valuable contributions from space technologies.

We will also discuss the different approaches that may be adopted by emerging economies to enhance the advantages of using space products and services.

. Adrien Muller, Business Innovation Associate, Catapult
. Magda Cocco, Partner, Vieira de Almeida


Keynote – Public and private partnerships in satcom industries

Magali Vaissière

Director of Telecommunications and Integrated Applications

European Space Agency

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Magali Vaissiere, Director of Telecommunications and Integrated Applications at the European Space Agency, will address the ways in which public and private partnerships are helping to drive innovation and  to expand the satcom market.

This session will address how carefully customised partnerships between industry and public entities like ESA can facilitate initiatives that would otherwise be too risky in terms of technical innovation and cost. As both global competition and the pressure on governmental budgets increase, so it becomes ever more important to leverage private investment in innovation  and R&D with judicious use of public money. This is especially true where the boundaries between commercial and institutional projects is blurred, for instance in dual-use satellite systems; and where there is a need to obtain flight heritage for new technologies that have not been proven in space.

These issues will be illustrated with recent examples of public private partnerships that address a wide range of markets and technologies.

. Magali Vaissière, Director of Telecommunications and Integrated Applications , European Space Agency



Space technology – day 1


Space Technology afternoon

In this session we will showcase the latest technology emerging from the Space ecosystem.

You will hear engaging, thought provoking talks followed by a speed networking session on:

  • Satellites
  • Propulsion
  • Coatings
  • Biomedical
  • Debris
  • Downstream applications
  • Earth Observation
  • Change detection

If you want to get involved, please fill in this form and we will be in touch!


Networking drinks

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