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Magali Vaissiere, Director of Telecommunications and Integrated Applications at the European Space Agency, will address the ways in which public and private partnerships are helping to drive innovation and  to expand the satcom market.

This session will address how carefully customised partnerships between industry and public entities like ESA can facilitate initiatives that would otherwise be too risky in terms of technical innovation and cost. As both global competition and the pressure on governmental budgets increase, so it becomes ever more important to leverage private investment in innovation  and R&D with judicious use of public money. This is especially true where the boundaries between commercial and institutional projects is blurred, for instance in dual-use satellite systems; and where there is a need to obtain flight heritage for new technologies that have not been proven in space.

These issues will be illustrated with recent examples of public private partnerships that address a wide range of markets and technologies.

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Magali Vaissiere

Director of Telecommunications and Integrated Applications

European Space Agency

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