Leaf Space
Stand No: 3

Leaf Space was born as a natural evolution of a close-knit relationship between its founders. The first meeting took place in 2012, with the founding of the association Skyward Experimental Rocketry, recognized by the Politecnico di Milano (Italy). The association deals with the engineering design and implementation of small and medium size sounding rockets to achieve altitude record and the release of scientific payloads at high altitude.

Then, a detailed analysis of the market suggested what was needed for the current satellite market, revealing the ever-increasing lack of services dedicated to microsatellites. In fact, this class of satellites has seen an exponential growth in recent years and forecasts for next years are even more promising.

The Company offers itself as the sole interface for microsatellites operators, to facilitate the access to Space and its use for commercial purposes. The most limiting factors currently are telecommunications and launch operations.

At this scope, Leaf Space is implementing Leaf Line, a network of ground stations dedicated to telecommunications with microsatellites, and Primo, an ultra-light launch vehicle specifically designed for this class of satellites.

The project Leaf Line, with a faster and simpler implementation and less demanding in terms of capitals, will support economically the development of Primo, certainly a more ambitious project.