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The prediction of the damage, the future evolution of the orbit of debris and asteroids and their response to a deflection/removal attempt require modelling of the dynamics and dynamic environment, the long term simulation, the modelling and simulation of the possible damage including re-entry and impact on ground

Scientists continue to develop and upgrade orbital debris models to describe and characterize the current and future debris environment. Engineering models, such as ORDEM 3.0, can be used for debris impact risk assessments for spacecraft and satellites, including the International Space Station and the Space Shuttle. Whereas, evolutionary models, such as LEGEND, are designed to predict the future debris environment. They are reliable tools to study how the future debris environment reacts to various mitigation practices.

In this talk, Professor Vasile will introduce this research area that forms the basis of every analysis or tool that aims to predict the evolution of the debris environment, the danger of an actual impact with an asteroid, the consequences of a deflection or removal action.


Associated Speakers:

Prof Massimiliano Vasile

Marie Curie ITN ‘Stardust’ Coordinator

Stardust Network, Strathclyde University

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